Creationists are destroying their own position.

In trying so stubbornly to refute the scientific theory of evolution, creationists aren’t actually helping their own cause.

First point, it makes them look like complete idiots. The arguments they make are often void of any scientific value, so by doing that they are exposing to the world how “scientific” they really are.

More importantly, they engender the spirit of skepticism which effectively would destroy their own position.  For example, evolution is a theory of chance and magic.  It’s a fairytale for grownups.  By the way, there were two naked people in the garden and a talking snake.

But having on their side literally mountains of evidence, scientists can rationally refute these allegations, whilst creationists themselves can’t.

The creationist objective is not usually to prove itself correct, rather to piss on scientific research, producing very little evidence of their own, until science becomes seen as a religion, and religion becomes a science.  Where “evidence” is produced by creationists, it is often laughable and shows further ignorance of scientific knowledge in general, which also works to destroy their credibility in any scientific field.

The first question I ever proposed to you on this blog was this: “Creationists, why are criticising the validity of science textbooks when your book practically begins with a talking snake?”  My argument has not changed, nor has it so far been rebutted.