The definition of “Atheism” does not matter.

This came to my mind straight after I published the previous post.

Sure enough there will be some theists coming here to say that my definition of atheism is wrong. Points to be made:

  1. This definition of atheism is not wrong, and arguments can be made for its plausibility. It is the position held by many who identify themselves as atheists without professing absolute knowledge, or a positive belief in NO gods.
  2. The title of my blog is Tim’s Atheism… and this is the definition I have long stood by. If you don’t like it, tough.
  3. But for the sake of argument, let me even grant you that my definition is indeed wrong. Let me so kindly grant you that atheism means “There is absolutely no God”. ¬†Because if I granted you that definition, I would not be an atheist.
  4. However, you would still be a theist.
  5. Unfortunately for you, my arguments against theism still have not changed.
  6. So what’s your excuse now?