New Scientific Evidence Confutes Evolution

In a most stunning cosmological discovery, Darwin’s theory of evolution has once again been dealt a death blow.

A recent scientific research has confirmed that the solar system could not have been formed by means of genetic mutation, as evolutionists believe.  For decades, atheistic Darwinists have stood by the claim that the solar system was formed, by itself, around 4.6 billion years ago. However, by using extremely elaborate computer simulations, a group of PhD scientists have been able to construct a model of this improbable event — this outstanding research tells us why such an occurrence is highly unlikely to occur in nature by random chance.

The model also shows that having such a dense concentration of swirling particles means that all planets should in fact be spiralling towards the sun.  According to the popular evolutionist’s beliefs that the solar system is 4.6 billion years old, particles should by now have reached the sun’s atmosphere.  Theoretically, this should result in detectable infrared glows being projected from the sun’s atmosphere. Despite their combined efforts, cosmologists have measured no such glow, and thus it is obvious that the solar system could not be as old as Darwinists suspect.

So seemingly obsessed with Darwin’s atheistic conjectures, will the evolutionists be honest enough rise to the scientific challenge, or will they simply continue to propagade their absurd ideas and pseudoscientific sophistry?