Thank God for the Earthquake

As a Christian, I see that the only logical conclusion to the lack of casualties in the 7.0-magnitude Cantabrian earthquake must have been divine intervention.

Isn’t it obvious that God saved all these poor Zealanders, considering the earthquake was of such epic proportions?

In Haiti, an earthquake of the same magnitude killed like 200,000 people.

But here, all we had was a guy who lost his toe and a few other minor injuries…

Forget the fact that Roman Catholicism is the official religion of Haiti, it was the Devil at work.

And forget about how so many churches were destroyed in the Cantabrian earthquake; that’s just because they were old and not structurally sound, so don’t blame God, blame the amateur engineers.

Or how so many people have been left jobless and homeless.

The fact remains that God loves us, and this whole Cantabrian earthquake thing is just one of the great a reminder of God’s love for mankind.  Thank God for showing his love to the world.  Thank God for the earthquake, and thank God for the 2,000+ aftershocks that followed.