Christians who say they don’t like “organised” religion.

I mean, really?

OK, but maybe you don’t like priests.  Or the Pope.  Or any other religious authority for that matter.  After all, who is anyone to speak for God?  If God exists, he could certainly speak for himself, right?


You take organised away from Christianity and there would be no Christians, for the one fact that the only way to circulate first century myth is to have authority force it down people’s throat.

That’s why there are so many Christians.  Look at what the missionaries have achieved.

If Christianity wasn’t organised it wouldn’t exist.

In other words, you should be thankful for organised religion.  There’d be a lot less “saved” people without it.

(I’m assuming that to be a Christian, you’d at least need to accept the doctrine of “Jesus is my saviour”, right?)

So I think what you really, really meant to say was “I don’t like other organised religions.”  Because if everyone was either Christian or atheist, I doubt very much that you’d be making this claim at all.  It’s kind of like when my Muslim friend said “I like secularism — just Islamic secularism.”  How’s that for bullshit.

Anyway that’s my rant for today.  I’m going back to being sick and miserable!