I can’t help but have my say about this Jordan Rice kid, especially having seen so many trolls around.  I don’t usually feed trolls but listen to this, if you troll about a dead kid then you’re a fucking douchebag, and you’re not human.

Newsbreak.  If you’re willing to give up your life for someone else then you’re already a hero in my book.

If you go into a burning building and save an old lady and a cat, yeah, then you’re a hero too.

Everyone who is a good person and knows how to put others before themselves is a fucking hero.

And, maybe I’m just being too wishful, but I actually have this strong feeling that many of us would probably have reacted the same way that Jordan did.  Say, for example — imagine you’re deathly afraid of water, can’t swim, and then out of nowhere a flood crashes into you, wouldn’t you say to the rescuer, “Save my little brother first”?  Wouldn’t you?  Yeah, well, maybe I’m just being too wishful.  But it really makes me happy knowing that it’s been said, especially by a kid who’s only 13 years old.

Trolls like you, on the other hand, make me wish that God never spoke.