Open-minded skepticism

In a recent discussion with a Christian, I have been asked to read the Bible again, this time with an open-mind, not with a skeptical one.

The problem is, this fellow of mine fails to understand that a skeptical mind is not synonymous with a closed mind.

I am a skeptic in that I don’t take everything I read or have been told for granted, especially when it concerns supernatural claims for which I have yet to see adequate evidence.

I am ready to entertain new ideas, and accept them given that there is good evidence and grounds for me to do so.

In which case, yes, I try most times to be open-minded.  But I am still a skeptic.

In return, I should like to ask you to be an open-minded dogmatist.

I think you may find in the end that it is actually harder to be an open-minded dogmatist, than it is to be an open-minded skeptic.

So, I’m going to turn the tables on you.  I would strongly suggest that you go back and read your Bible again, this time with an open mind, and not with a dogmatic one.