How to analyse music, according to ACE.

Questions to evaluate musical selections/performances:

  1. Does the music glorify God, not the performer or composer?
  2. Does the music reflect Biblical doctrine and Godly living?
  3. Is the rhythm a subservient feature that does not dominate the music?
  4. Does the background music play a subservient role to the lyrics and not distract the listener from the message?
  5. Are the lyrics Biblically accurate?
  6. Is the performance a straightforward presentation, focusing on vocal technique that employs proper breathing (avoiding breathy tones, sagging and sliding pitches, and/or choreographed movement)?
  7. Is the music easily identifiable as a Christ-honoring piece as opposed to a “new sound” as in secular or entertainment styles?
  8. Does the music invoke positive responses?
  9. Does the selection draw the listener closer to God and uplift his/her spirit?
  10. Does the music praise the Lord, focus on God, or deliver a clear spiritual message?

from the ACE website.