Waking up early.

The other night I was woken up by a burglar alarm at around 3 AM or so.  This morning I was woken up by a 5.3ish magnitude earthquake.  So it’s quite fair to say I haven’t had much of a sleep lately.

Meh, I hate waking up early.  Who doesn’t?

In other news, I had a piano recital Sunday night and that went fairly well, despite the fact that I was worried shitless because I hadn’t fully memorised my repertoire.  (I did mess up a passage near the cadence of Brahms’ Intermezzo but I doubt it was too audible as I managed to conceal it with the damper pedal.)  Anyways I played a bit of Brahms and Bach and Scarlatti.  Much fun.

I wonder if people still come to my blog.  I should write more, but I procrastinate too much.