On Multiculturalism

I think multiculturalism is a stupid idea.

Firstly, Cultures are inanimate things, they don’t need (and often don’t deserve) respect.

Secondly, Multi-culturalism is inherently a divisive concept, as it appeals to the premise that humans are somehow divided into different cultural brands.

So, whereas multiculturalism definitively strives to protect cultures, we should instead strive to protect people of all different cultural backgrounds.

Likewise, instead of trying to promote tolerance of cultures and ideas, we should aim to promote a tolerance of people in general.

Essentially, this approach is a non-divisive one.  It does not discriminate humans between race, cultures and/or traditions.  More importantly, it gives everyone the freedom to do as they please, as long as they don’t interfere with other people’s rights to do the same.

Let’s call it cultural-secularism, shall we?