New album

After years of shameless inattention, I finally decided to have the piano tuned.  The actual tuning took hours, which was unsurprising considering the condition the piano was in, but the end result — I am happy to announce — is more than just pleasing.

The idea of putting together a mock album came to me two days ago.  Momentarily inspired, I quickly went into a mutual agreement with my mum that I could practise the piano freely for two days straight (without her complaining about it).  For the actual recording sessions, I had to declare the living room a zone of absolute silence — in other words, I begged everyone to leave the room indefinitely, including the dog!

The album was recorded over two nightly sessions, which I can freely admit were some of the most frustrating undertakings I have ever had to endure, psychologically.  The recording setup was in itself a mess, the piano pedal squeaky, the occasional phone ringing in the background… and me being completely under-rehearsed didn’t help.  I managed to pull through, somewhat, albeit far from being mentally unscathed.

This little and amateurish album contains some of my favourite piano pieces, in the order as follows:

1. “Of foreign lands and people” from Kinderszenen – Schumann
2. “Pleading child” from Kinderszenen – Schumann
3. Sonata in C “Allegro” HOB XVI1 No. 10 – Haydn
4. Sonata in C “Andante” K545 – Mozart
5. “Elizabeth” from Shulbrede Tunes – Parry
6. “Dolly” from Shulbrede Tunes – Parry
7. Gymnopedie No. 3 – Satie
8. “Fugue” in C minor from the Well-tempered Clavier – Bach
9. “Gigue” from Partita No. 1 in B flat major, BWV825 – Bach
10. “December” from The Seasons Op. 37b – Tchaikovsky

The album is called “Remembrances” because each of these pieces means a little something to me personally.  The Gymnopedie No. 3, if I remember correctly, was actually one of the first pieces I ever played, along with the No. 1, which is quite famous not to mention highly overplayed.  The  Gigue from Partita No. 1 is something I have always wanted to play as a kid (having heard my teacher play it countless times), but I never got the chance to learn it and had forgotten all about it over the years… until yesterday morning, when I perchance discovered the sheet music in my Bach collection — so have decided to include it in this album.  “December”, by Tchaikovsky, is in memory of my brother who passed on the 3rd of that month.

Without any further ado, here’s link to the album.  Expect many slips, squeaks, cracks and pops, but I hope you do enjoy this wee selection of music, anyhow!