Stop Praying

You call it omnipotence. I call it incompetence.

* * *

I declare that anyone who is well enough to orientate himself to be seated in front of a computer screen, and is presently reading my blog, and who on a regular basis also prays to God for his own well-being, is being a tad selfish.

Dear fellow Christians, we know for a fact that prayer works.  We also know for a fact that there are certain prayers to which God never does seem to answer.   And yet we also know for a fact that God has a purpose for us all, and has his reasons for not answering certain kinds of prayer; indeed His ways are grand, so grand, in fact, that they are simply not ours to understand.

One such kind of prayer, I believe, is as follows:

I, for instance, pray for children who live in famine and poverty. According to some sources, about 21,000 children die of starvation everyday — and that number does not appear to have dwindled at all since my prayer.

Meanwhile, you pray for winning the state lottery, and your prayer is not only heard — it is immediately granted.

We remember the premise that God has the power to do all things.

Thus I can conclude that:

Either God finds it more purposeful to invoke your lottery win, than to save billions of children from starving to slow painful deaths, in which case, he is but the antithesis of a just and an omnibenevolent character;

Or, though rather incongruent to at least one of our earlier premises, He is simply unable to answer all prayers at once, and doesn’t quite know how to prioritise his agendas.

In either case, you are doing the world a disservice for flooding God’s inbox with such petty things.

21 000 * 365 = 7 665 000

That’s the number of dead children per annum.

You broke an ankle playing rugby.

Big fucking deal.