10 reasons why you should abandon your Christian faith

Here are 10 of thousands of reasons why you should ditch Christianity.

1. You were not born a Christian. You were raised as one.

Your religious faith is not something you were born with or are stuck with for life. You, like almost everyone else, were born and raised in a religious community, and chances are you are religious as a consequence of that upbringing.  Now is the time to start thinking for yourself.

2. You feel Jesus. They feel Allah.

Christianity is not the only religion out there.  Yet you are so convinced that everyone else’s is wrong, but yours is Truth.  As Mark Twain famously said: “The easy confidence with which I know another man’s religion is folly teaches me to suspect that my own is also.”

3. Broken moral compass.

There exists no context in which God ordering men to rape women and to beat children to death can ever be morally justified.  The fact that we know now that these things are dreadful and wrong is proof that our morality is ever constantly changing, not set in stone as the authors of the Bible would have it.

4. Retarded philosophy.

The apple and the snake and the naked couple and the flood and the whale and the vegetarian T-rexes and the unicorns — need I say more? The fact that millions of people believe in the same set of fairy tales doesn’t make it any less retarded, unfortunately.

5. Biblical inconsistencies.

… self-fulfilling prophecies, revolting passages and pages after pages of sheer stupidity. Ricky Gervais once speculated that the surest path to becoming an atheist is to read the Bible from cover to cover. Who would ever want to waste time doing that I dont know; but the first two chapters should be telling enough.

6. Failed prayers.

God cured your cancer. Congratulations. Now say that to the families of 7.6 million less-privileged people who die from cancer each year.

7. Re: Wishful thinking.

“[God] created us sick and then order us, on pain of eternal torture, to be well again. To wish this to be true is to wish to be an abject slave!” – Hitchslap.

8. Self-appointed dictator.

We didn’t ask to be created. We didn’t ask to be sinful. Even if this imaginary God of yours existed, we would owe nothing to him — just as a baby owes nothing to its parents for the sole fact of it ever being born. At least most parents won’t sit around and watch their children starve to death, or set them eternally on fire should they refuse to love them in return.

9. Reason.

Never take seriously a book that begins with a naked woman being seduced by a talking snake to eat a magical fruit which would cause her to menstruate … well, unless you’re into that erotic (exotic?) kind of stuff.

10. Sleep-in Sundays

Hell, I feel this reason alone might just render the rest of what I’ve written above utterly redundant. Drat.

Feel free to add to this list.