: Café Witteveen :

Photography, art, religion, absence of religion, current affairs, my opinion of your opinion, your opinion of your opinion, etc.

: The City Mad Cat :

Yes, I am the city mad cat.

: The Dead Again Agnostic :

One skeptic’s journey from Born-Again Christian to Dead-Again Agnostic… And back?

: Freedosphere :

Logic, Humour, Randomness.

: The Godless Monster :

Ramblings and musings of an American atheist.

: Jet Blog :

A Human Journey of Atheism. (To any god out there: let’s play a simple game of hide and seek. If I find you, you’re it!)

: The Mel Kong :

 One kind of cool.

: Misplaced Grace :

George is a part time blogger and full time skeptic.

: One Furious Llama :

In South America llamas are still used as beasts of burden, as well as for the production of fiber and meat.

: The Quiet Observer :

Sapere Aude; This blog will showcase the historicity of the Christian Bible.

: Rabid Atheist :

40 something, gay, partnered, Rabid-atheist, anti-catholic, anti-bigotry, liberal, green, photographer, mac not windows, dogs not cats, no tomatoes please!!

: Shamelessly Atheist :

Periodic Rantings of a Godless Disciple of Science;  100% pure Atheist concentrate – undiluted by baptismal water!