A Brief Summary of Christian Theology

Once upon a time God created a man and a woman (reason: probably so they could worship Him). God foresees that man is going to screw up big time but made him anyway.… Continue reading

Morality predates the Bible

ergo we did/(potentially)do not need the Bible to become moral beings. Objection A: As was God’s intent, we are by nature moral beings, but through Adam we fell from grace; the Bible is… Continue reading

When God spoke to me

Sometimes I shy away from writing about personal matters. I hope it does not jeopardise the ideas you have of my work on this blog if I were to allow myself, for this… Continue reading

A Response to Cole Ryan

http://kingcohl.com/2013/01/13/q-a/ “Atheists ask that question a lot and I tend to think – if you’re going to give God responsibility for all the bad in this world, you better be giving Him responsibility… Continue reading

Evolution: How incompatible with Christianity

As much as I should hate to attract a YEC readership, it has recently struck me that the theory of evolution is highly incompatible with, not only the literalist position of Christianity, but… Continue reading

An Absurd Sacrifice

It’s time to revoke the essential premise of biblical creationism. I trust I have gone far enough in the allowance of the Christian hypothesis that I must make my return to the realm… Continue reading

On The Moral Falsehood of Salvation

In my previous essays I have been quite negligent of this subject of the Christ’s salvation, which admittedly is so central a tenet to the various doctrines of Christianity that my failure to… Continue reading

Religious moderatism still makes you narrow-minded.

I propose that this is the logical outcome of the culmination of my three previous essays. In Children of a Vengeful God I attempted to show that the Christian metaphysical hypothesis, if granted, does… Continue reading

Beyond Disbelief

Atheism as a label is important, no doubt, as it is in essence a confrontational term in reaction to theism, that is, a belief in god or gods. Thus many people who associate… Continue reading

Olympics: Glad that’s finally over.

Here is a quick list as to why I really hated the Games: Waste of taxpayer resources Promotion of a competitive and divisive humanity Why do we find enjoyment in other people’s traumatic… Continue reading

Tailor-made Christianity vs. Moral Eclecticism

Re: Why I am not a Christian. At the risk of having broad-brushed Christians into one manageable stereotype, allow me to state in my defence that I am aware that there are religious… Continue reading

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