Why I am not a Christian

A Dichotomy of Faith

There are two overlapping types of religious irrationalists: Those who have had no reason to question their faith; And those who have had too many reasons not to.

Children of a Vengeful God

Regular readers of my blog will know that when confronted with the question of God I often take an agnostic stance, albeit I have made it my business to ridicule religion at any… Continue reading

Cardboard Cathedral

It began as a joke that got taken slightly too seriously. But you be the judge, yeah? A cardboard cathedral will be built in the New Zealand city of Christchurch to temporarily replace… Continue reading

Santorum drops out of race

Great news!

Read more.

TimCooley.net is changing.

If only I knew what I was doing!


First pot. Now this!!!!

The Alarming TRUTH about Kony 2012

by DanTheGreatHD — Edit: New link

KONY 2012

First, let me say that I am astounded by the amount of publicity this campaign has received. But I am not astounded in a happy or pleasant way. Let it be known that… Continue reading

22 February 2012

It is difficult for me to re-live the scenes of February 2011. This programme was broadcast shortly after the earthquake, and we watched it air whilst the threat of aftershocks was still ever… Continue reading

  • What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." - Hitchens
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