How to lose your humanity

If dishonesty is a sin, then I have sinned at least twice this week. Just this week, I have been the leader of two Bible groups for kids and teenagers, reading mainly from… Continue reading

Not in the score…

A son’s confession

Dad, can I tell you something really important? Something I should perhaps have told you a long time ago, but have not had the courage to do so? Of course, son. But first,… Continue reading

Catholic Bishop: Children Want to Be Sexually Abused

The Bishop of Tenerife provided an interesting explanation for the vast numbers of children raped by Catholic priests: They asked for it. In 2007, when the American Catholic Church was reeling from sex… Continue reading

Does any part of scieence you teach is disagree with evolution?

I rest my case.

Case. Meet Rest.

Feeling Brahmsian

Thought I’d share this old recording I recovered of me playing the famous Intermezzo by Brahms! An Intermezzo is a: a term used since the early 19th century for movements or sections, generally within… Continue reading


via LOL Happens

Christmas, Army Men and Sofa crevices

Many a Christmas ago my family and I went on a trip to Singapore.  It was my first trip to Asia, and a few years before then we had travelled to Gold Coast,… Continue reading

On Pokemon, Minecraft and Magiquest

10 reasons why you should abandon your Christian faith

Here are 10 of thousands of reasons why you should ditch Christianity. 1. You were not born a Christian. You were raised as one. Your religious faith is not something you were born… Continue reading

  • What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." - Hitchens
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