Christians (atheists welcomed): Did I get this right?!

It’s pretty hard to get my head around this thing. So God created us, and gave us free will, but tests our faith, and if we fail the test we go to hell,… Continue reading

Eternal life, doesn’t that sound a tad boring?

Ok, guys. When you say that after you die, you’re going to “be with God forever”, how exactly does this work? There are going to be millions and millions of Christians, and only… Continue reading

Creationists: Is this a sin? Really?…. Yet another proof of our cousinship. Nixon Back Again: “Who needs Darwin & Dawkins when we have proof like this?”

Could a Creationist stare at a chimpanzee…

… right in the eye, and not notice the striking resemblance? Admit it… yep… our cousins… yep… ACC-Greg Inglis style: Then the chimp will think “I can’t believe I am related to this… Continue reading

Creationists: Why are you criticising the validity of science textbooks?

… when your book practically begins with a talking snake? Dul: ” ‘WOMAN CAME FROM MAN’S RIB’ certainly makes more sense than Plate Tectonics, amirite?” Muhammed Asif: “The latter one makes more sense… Continue reading

  • What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." - Hitchens
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